The Load Cell Amplifier is a precision amplifier with In-Built Reference Voltage Source for interfacing with the Strain Gauge Bridge type Load Cells.

The unit provides a highly stable temperature compensated 10V reference voltage source for excitation of the Load Cell. The differential milliVolt (mV) output of the Load Cell is Amplified and Filtered by the unit to provide isolated 0-10V or 4-20mA output linearly proportional to the Load Cell mV signal.

Provision for TARE adjustment is useful in setting 0V (or 4mA) output for No-load condition to compensate for the Dead Weight of the system.

These amplifier units are extremely stable and accurate for long term measurement applications and can also be calibrated to suit the Load Cell response characteristics so that maximum sensitivity is available in the measurement range.

Analog Load Cell Amplifier


  • Interfaces with Strain Gauge Bridge type Load Cells.

  • Built -in Precision, Highly Stable Reference for excitation of Load Cells.

  • TARE adjustment facility

  • 0-10V/4-20mA Output

  • Improved performance.Low peak and RMS noise.

    • Low drift input circuitry
    • For long term stability.
  • Response Time : 50mSec

  • 24VDC Power Supply.

  • 35mm DIN rail mounted unit.


  • For Weighing & Batching application in industries e.g. Cement, Steel, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

  • Tension Monitoring & Control systems in Conveyer based applications

  • Speed Reference Feedback for Synchronization of AC Drives in Foil printing machinery

Technical Specification

Input Differential I/P signal from Loadcell Range(mVDC)0-10, 0-16, 0-20,0-30,0-250, or Customized I/P range mVDC Factory Set
Full Scale O/P Calibration Range. 50% to 100% of I/P range
Input Resistance 1M Ohms
TARE Adjustment Range ±30% of I/P range
Reference Voltage +10VDC, 60mA Max.
Accuracy ±0.01%
Load Regulation <0.02%
Temp. coefficient <10ppm
Output Range For Voltage 0-10VDC
For Current 4-20mADC
Load Resistance For Voltage >1 kOhm
For Current < 500 Ohm
Performance Accuracy ±0.2% of Span
Non –Linearity 0.1%
Temp. Drift <0.01% / °C
Calibration Tare, Zero & Span (Trimpot)
 Response Time 50 Milliseconds*

Mechanical Specification

Pin Details Pin Details
1 Shield 11 GND
2 + Reference to Load Cell 12 +24VDC
3 – Reference to Load Cell 13 -Output
4 +Input From Load Cell 14 +Output
5 -Input From Load Cell 15 NC
6 S1(Response Time Setting) 16 NC
7 S2(Response Time Setting) 17 NC
8 S3(Response Time Setting) 18 NC
9 S4(Response Time Setting) 19 NC
10 C(Response Time Setting) 20 NC

Single input & Single output Converter