• Accurate measurement and indication of Process Value

  • Setpoint control (Upto 6 Relay Output Max)
  • Retransmission Output : 0-10V /4-20mADC
  • Communication Interface : RS485 MODBUS

  • Provision for adding as a PROFIBUS DP Slave
Process Indicators / Controllers / Scanners

Digital Process Indicators

The Digital Process Indicators are basically DVM’s designed to fulfill the requirement of accurate Measurement and display of various electrical parameters in Process Industries.

Programmable Process Indicators

CANPIC X.X range of Programmable Process Indicator/Controller products provide the advantage of Multi-range Process Value inputs, which can be configured and calibrated on Field by the user.

Multichannel Process Scanners

CANSCAN 1.0 is a Multichannel Scanner system designed to provide cost-effective solution for measurement of a large number of identical analogue inputs, which are not required to be scanned.