The PROFI-BCD System is basically a modular Profibus DP V0 based slave system. This system consists of Profibus slave Communication Module (CM) having up to max. 16no. of intelligent BCD display Sub Modules(SM). The CM communicates with the SM’s via a local two-wire CAN bus communication. The data received from the Profibus master for each SM is transferred on this local bus (CAN bus) to be displayed on the BCD meter display.
Display modules are offered in multiple sizes from 96X48mm panel mounted displays to 6” large display systems for mounting in the process plant.
The PROFI-BCD System is designed to help in reducing the number of slave nodes on a PROFIBUS network without affecting the overall performance.


  • Remote Parameter setting via serial PROFIBUS communication link.
  • Programmable Decimal Point Selection.
  • Leading Zero Blanking (LZB) option.
  • 5  Digit+Sign, 7 segment Red LED displays. Display size options – 3/8”, 1”, 2”, & 6”.
  • Programmable Display System connected as PROFIBUS-DP slave. (Modular slave configuration).

  • Upto 16 nos. of Display Modules can be connected via local serial interface bus to one PROFIBUS-DP slave module.

  • Fast display update speed due to PROFIBUS Baud rate support upto 12 Mbps and local serial bus at 1 Mbps.

  • 2” & 6” size display systems available in Panel mounted IP54 designs for remote installations.