The CAN-ASx series of Alarm Annunciation Systems are offered with several advanced features, which were available with only with high end control systems. The enhanced integrated design using latest 32-bit Micro-controller technology brings the advantage of complex programmability, lower power consumption & improved reliability to the users at reasonable costs.

The user of CAN-AS system has the option of selecting any one out of seven standard Alarm Sequences (Ref. ISA Publication*) using Programmable Sequence configuration. Special option of Multiple sequence selection and window grouping is also provided.

RS485 (MODBUS-RTU) or Ethernet (MODBUS-TCP/IP) communication interface is available for REMOTE monitoring.

The CAN-AS systems are also offered in 4, 8, 12 & 16 windows configurations. ISA Publications Annunciator Sequences & Specifications S18.1 1979 (Revised 1985)

Alarm Annunciation System (Type : Can – ASx)


  • Programmable Sequence Selection. Option of selecting from 7 different Alarm Sequences.
  • Fully configurable system using Modbus TCP/IP Communication.
  • Annunciation window grouping option provided for configuration as per user requirement.
  • Communication options using MODBUS-RTU/ MODBUS-TCP/IP protocols.
  • Synchronization facility for multiple AS systems in the same control room.
  • In Synchronization upto 16 CAN-ASx modules can connect to one master module.
  • In Synchronization upto 16 CAN-ASx modules can connect to one master module.
  • CAN-AS available in 4-8-12-16 window models.
  • For Fail safe monitoring – provided System Health Relay (Card Health (CH) Relay)