CANSCAN 1.0 is a Multichannel Scanner system designed to provide cost effective solution for measurement of a large number of identical analog inputs, which are not required to be scanned at a high speed. The input channels are sequentially scanned and displayed on the front panel.

Measured values are compared with set points to generate Relay outputs when Alarm conditions arise. Serial data interface is provided using RS485 MODBUS connectivity. CANSCAN 1.0 is designed to interface with RTD Pt-100 sensors connected in 3-wire configuration with line
resistance compensation. Software algorithm is used to linearize the RTD response so that accuracy of 1 Degree C is possible over the entire range of RTD measurement, i.e.-200to +850Deg.C.

CANSCAN variants are also available for Thermocouple sensors and process signal measurements such as0-10V, 4-20mA, etc.

Temperature Scanner


  • RTD Non-linearity Compensation
  • Line Resistance Compensation
  • Sensor fault/Wire break monitoring
  • Password protection to safeguard settings
  • Automatic/Manual scan modes.
  • Up to 4 configurable Relay Outputs for Alarms/Faults
  • Card Health Signal Output for System Status Monitoring.
  • RS485 Communication for MODBUS connectivity (Isolated port for Multidrop Network Connection)
  • User Selections–

    • Input Channels: 4 /8 /12 /16
    • Range Selection
    • Enable/Disable Channels


  • Motor winding Temp. Monitoring
  • Process Control Instrumentation