Concrete Ultrasonic Testing Equipment (CUTE 103)

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CUTE 103 is Portable instrument designed with advanced features for Non-destructive Testing (NDT) of concrete quality by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) measurement method. Applications include estimation of properties of concrete such as strength, uniformity, crack depths, etc.
CUTE 103 comes with our experience of over 20 years in design and manufacturing of UPV measuring instruments for concrete testing. Several new features are added over our earlier popular model CUTE102 series and it incorporates state of the art technology in the design.
The instrument is designed to comply with the recommendations of BS EN 12504-4:2004, ASTM C597-71 (re-approved 1979) and IS 13311(Part I); 1992.

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  • Method of Measurement: Ultrasonic Pulse Transmission time measurement with two probes (transducers) system.
  • Time Measurement Ranges: 0.1– 9999μs
  • Measurement Parameters: Velocity or Path length, Crack Depth, Waveform, Measurement Log
  • Time Base: 10MHz Quartz.
  • Measurable Path Length: Up to 5-6 meters in acceptable quality of concrete, but it could vary according to the quality of the concrete & material.
  • Frequency of Transducers: Standard : 54 KHz (Nominal)
    Other : 500 KHz, 250KHz, 150KHz, 108KHz, 82KHz
  • User Interface: OLED Display, Keypad & PC interface
  • PC Interface: Measurement Log Download & Export & Live view mode of waveform analysis
  • Operator Adjustments:
    a. Calibration using Calibration rod
    b. Parameter Settings like Excitation Voltage & Gain
    c. AUTO/MANUAL operating modes
    d. Continuous/Burst Measurement mode (Refer Manual for details.)
  • Electric Power Source: Internal 3.7 VDC Li-ion Rechargeable battery. OR External 5 VDC/4 Amp adapter.
  • Battery Operating Capacity: 8 Hrs Maximum
  • Power Consumption: 5 Watts.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 °C.
  • Size: W- 180 mm x H- 55 mm x D- 240 mm
  • Weight: Main Instrument : 1.90 Kg. 54 KHz transducer : 900 Gm each X 2 nos.

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As per recommendations of BS EN 12504 – 4:2004 and IS -13311 (Part I); 1992 (Reaffirmed 2004)

  • Estimation of In-Situ strength of concrete as well as precast concrete products.
  • Confirming the uniformity as well as quality of concrete to enable timely concretive actions before commencing serviceability of concrete. Thus versatile equipment for quality control & assurance.
  • Estimation of depth of crack or investigation of internal defects of concrete.
  • Estimation of defective layer of concrete subgrades.
  • Diagnosis of deterioration impact, attack of chemicals, alkali-aggregate reaction, etc.
  • Estimation of damages due to fire, thermal shocks, and mechanical shocks.
  • Estimation of endurance under freezing and thawing on concrete.

Why use CUTE 103?

Main-4 For the Professional user, the instrument provides easy to use Quick key interface to test and record UPV test readings at site in a short time. It is small in size, lightweight & comes in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure suited for rough handling at site. The Transducers are made smaller and lighter in weight to provide ease of handling. The in-built Li-ion battery gives battery backup time exceeding 6 Hours in continuous operation, which can be more than doubled during actual use as the instrument is operated only while recording readings. Thus CUTE 103 is a very handy test instrument for Professional Concrete NDT applications.

Application Examples


  • For estimating the strength and uniformity of beams, columns and slabs.
  • For detecting honeycombing and porosity in slabs.
  • For assessing the deterioration of the concrete in old buildings.
  • For checking the extent of cracking and crack depths.
  • For estimating the damage suffered due to fire.
  • For estimating the damage suffered due to earth quake.
  • For estimating the deterioration due to corrosive environment.


  • For bridge signature program.
  • For checking the strength and uniformity of bridge decks, columns etc.
  • For estimating the damages due to vibrations and for suggesting repair work to old bridges.

Roads and Railways

  • For checking the concrete roads, pavements and Quality Control during construction phase.


  • For checking the uniformity and bonding between the concrete lining and the rock surface.

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  • Designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of In-Situ concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) measurement method.
  • Applicable for NDT of Concrete from 0.1 m to thickness > 5 m (e.g. Bridges, Foundations, etc.)
    Advanced features help the user in identifying probe alignment & coupling quality by indicating signal strength.
  • Waveform of the received signal can be viewed on the display during carrying out testing on site, thus highly useful in studying homogeneity of concrete under test. AUTO & Burst mode operation for ease of measurement to assist in quick testing for the Professional user.
  • High Contrast Graphical OLED Display for easy viewing in outdoor conditions.
  • Graphical Icons on the display help in easy operating navigation to the user.Record & Storage facility for up to 1000 reading records, which are downloadable on PC for report generation.
  • Windows based Software Utility provided for waveform viewing, analysis & storage in computer memory. A useful tool for research purposes.
  • In-built re-chargeable battery gives long operational backup (> 6 Hours). Advanced battery management algorithm incorporated.
  • Small Size, Lightweight & Rugged design. Easy to carry for site testing.
  • Applicable for Low Frequency (<500KHz) Ultrasonic NDT of non-homogeneous materials, e.g. Rock, Timber, Ceramics, Composites, Graphite, etc.

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Transit time Measurement
Range 0.1 – 9999.9 μs Auto ranging.
Resolution 0.1 μs
Display 79 x 21mm passive matrix Graphical OLED (64*256 Pixels)
Transmitter 50V, 100V, 200V, 500V, 1000V, AUTO Optimized energizing pulse
Selectable gain steps 1x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, AUTO
Probe Frequencies 27, 54, 82, 150, 250, 500 (KHz)
Non volatile 1000 measured readings
Power Supply
Battery Li-ion Batteries (3.7V DC rechargeable)
Battery Back-up Time 6 – 8 Hours
External DC Supply 5V DC, 2.5Amp adapter
Instrument Dimensions 170 x 55 x 225 mm
Instrument Weight 2 kg (incl. batteries)
Probe Weight 500 gms
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature 0° to 50°C
Humidity <95% RH, non condensing

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