Powerline Transducers – AC Voltage & Current Converter

The voltage transducer that Canopus Instrument offers are high performance ac current transducer. The powerline parameters are can be easily monitored with Canopus Instruments high quality voltage transducer, ac current transducer. Get in touch with us to know the details of the products.

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The SIM Mini 1.0 AC Voltage and AC Current Transducers find extensive use in monitoring Powerline parameters. The SIM Mini 1.0 Powerline Transducers interface with AC voltage (e.g. 0-100/300/500 V) & AC Current (CT signals: 0-1A, 0-5A) inputs to provide isolated 0-10V/4-20mA DC output that is linearly proportional to the RMS value of the 50/60Hz AC input.

The Isolation between I/P & O/P (2KV) allows measurement in the presence of High Common mode voltages at the input while ensuring safety of the measuring equipment.

The SIM Mini 1.0 modules operate from 90-270Vac power supply.

Ordering Information

Isolation (I) Input Type Output Type Supply I/P Signal Range O/P Signal Range Isolation No of O/P For Dual
I I/P O/P Supply XX X 3P xx
I Iac







0-1A:01 0-5V:05




3P 121

Note: 12I extension implies Single Input & Dual Isolated output.

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  • Input : AC Current, AC Voltage
  • Output : 0-10V/4-20mA
  • Universal Power supply 90-270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz or 100-250VDC
  • Low Noise & Low drift for long term stability
  • Response Time < 150mSec.
  • 2kV 3 Port Isolation.
  • Performance guaranteed from 0-55°C.
  • Dual isolated outputs

Note: Contact factory for other input signal ranges.


  • AC/DC Drive systems
  • PLC Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems


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AC Input Voltage Signal (From PT) Input Options: 0- 100VAC,0-300VAC,0-500VAC. Factory Set
AC Input Current Signal (From CT) 0-1A AC,0-5A AC,0-8A AC. Factory Set
C.T Burden <0.5VA
Input Impedance For Voltage 1M Ohm
DC Output Signal Output Options: 0- +5VDC, 0- +10VDC, 1-5VDC, 0-20mADC, 4-20mADC. Factory Set
No of Outputs Two (Max)
Load Resistance For Output Voltage For Output Voltage >1 k Ohm
For Output Current < 500 Ohm
Performance Accuracy ±0.5% of Span
Linearity 0.1%
Temperature Drift 0.01% / °C
Response Time < 150mSec
Calibration Zero & Span (Trimpot )


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Isolation 2KV – 3 Port.
Power Supply 90-270VAC,50/60Hz,or 100-250VDC
Power Consumption 6VA Approx
Enclosure ABS Plastic, 35 mm DIN Rail Mounted. IP40 Protection class. Single Output W – 55mm
H – 75mm
D – 110mm
Dual output W – 100mm
H – 75mm
D – 110mm
Operating temp. range 0 – 55°C
Storage temp. range 0 – 80°C
Relative Humidity 0 – 90%
RH Non-Condensing
Max. Altitude 3000 mts above MSL

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Single input & Single output Converter

Pin Details Pin Details
1 NC 11 NC
2 NC 12 NC
3 NC 13 NC
4 ˜Input 14 NC
5 NC 15 NC
6 ˜Input 16 NC
7 NC 17 NC
8 Phase 18 NC
9 Neutral 19 -Output
10 Earth 20 +Output

Single input & Dual output Converter

Pin Details Pin Details
1 ~Input 11 -Output2
2 ~Input 12 NC
3 NC 13 NC
4 +Output1 14 NC
5 -Output1 15 Phase
6 NC 16 NC
7 NC 17 Neutral
8 NC 18 NC
9 NC 19 Earth
10 +Output2 20-38 NC


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Additional information

Input Types

AC Current, AC Voltage

Output Signal

Current 0-20/4-20mA (4 Wire), DC Voltage (+/-10V)



Isolation Level

2 KV


ABS Plastic

Product Type



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