Analog Voltage & Current Isolators 90-270VAC Supply

SIM Mini1.0 modules comprise of a versatile range of signal conditioning & isolation modules. A variety of modules are available which input analog Voltage & Current signals from field. These modules Isolate and convert the signals in a suitable form to interface the output with the measuring systems without loss of accuracy. Alternately, these modules also help in providing isolated voltage & current outputs for field devices from the control system.

The SIM Mini 1.0 modules operate on 90-270VAC power supply.

Ordering Information

Isolation (I) Input Type Output Type Supply I/P Signal Range O/P Signal Range Isolation No of O/P For Dual
I I/P O/P Supply X X 3P XX
3P 12I

Note: 12I extension implies Single Input & Dual Isolated output.


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  • Input: DC V & mA
  • Output: 0-10V/4-20mA
  • Universal Power supply range 90-270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz or 100-250VDC
  • Energy Efficient Module
  • Low Noise & Low drift for long term stability
  • Response Time < 1mSec.
  • 2kV 3 Port Isolation
  • Dual Isolated Outputs
  • Design Tested & Certified for compliance with CE Standards

Note: Contact factory for other input signal ranges


  • AC/DC Drive systems
  • PLC Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems


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DC Input Signal Input Options: 0- +5V, 0- +10V, 0- ±5V, 0- ±10V, 0-5mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA. Factory Set
Input Impedance For Current
For Voltage
100 Ohm
100 k Ohm
Output Signal Output Options: 0- +5V, 0- +10V, 0- ±5V, 0- ±10V, 1-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA. Factory Set
No of Outputs Two (Max)
Load Resistance For Output Voltage >1 k Ohm
For Output Current < 500 Ohm
Performance Accuracy ±0.2% of Span
Linearity 0.1%
Temperature Drift 0.01% / °C
Response Time < 1mSec
Calibration Zero & Span (Trimpot )


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Isolation 2KV – 3 Port.
Power Supply 90-270VAC, 50/60Hz or 100-250VDC.
Power Consumption 9 VA Approx.
Enclosure ABS Plastic, 35 mm DIN Rail Mounted. IP40 Protection class. Single Output W – 55mm
H – 75mm
D – 110mm
Dual Output W – 100mm
H – 75mm
D – 110mm
Operating temp. range 0 – 55°C
Storage temp. range 0 – 80°C
Relative Humidity 0 – 90% RH Non-Condensing
Max. Altitude 3000 mts above MSL


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Single input & Single output Converter

Analog Voltage & Current Isolators 90-270VAC Supply

Pin Details Pin Details
1 NC 11 NC
2 +Input 12 NC
3 -Input 13 NC
4 NC 14 NC
5 NC 15 NC
6 Phase 16 NC
7 NC 17 NC
8 Neutral 18 NC
9 NC 19 -Output
10 Earth 20 +Output
Single input & Dual output Converter

aAnalog Voltage & Current Isolators 90-270VAC Supply

Pin Details Pin Details
1 +Input 11 -Output2
2 -Input 12 NC
3 NC 13 NC
4 +Output1 14 NC
5 -Output1 15 Phase
6 NC 16 NC
7 NC 17 Neutral
8 NC 18 NC
9 NC 19 Earth
10 +Output2 20-38 NC

Additional information

Input Types

DC Current 0-20/4-20 mA, DC Voltage

Output Signal

Current 0-20/4-20mA (4 Wire), DC Voltage (+/-10V)



Isolation Level

2 KV


ABS Plastic

Product Type



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