Analog Signal Conditioning & Isolation Modules

With an experience of over two and a half decades Canopus Instruments is considered as one of the biggest company committed to providing top quality analog device, signal conditioning unit around India. The Signal conditioning unit and analog device find applications where it is of prime importance to ensure liable performance.

The SIM μ 3.0 Series Analog Signal Conditioning & Isolation modules find applications where it is of prime importance to ensure reliable performance as well as safety while interfacing input/output analog signals of sensitive electronic Control & Measurement Systems with field devices such as sensors and actuators. The use of signal conditioners with isolation allows direct interface of far away field mounted devices with analog I/O channels of DCS, PLC based Control Systems, AC/DC Electric Drives, Indicators, Recorders, etc.

These modules eliminate occurrences of faulty measurements in process control equipment caused by ground loops. They are also necessary to protect the measuring equipment from noise and transients generated due to inductive load switching and other unpredictable electrical disturbances occurring in the field.

The SIM μ 3.0 modules are characterized by their fast response; improved noise rejection, superior long-term stability, & wide DC power supply range. These features make them an attractive choice for AC & DC Drive systems as well as various Process Control applications.

Modules are available which accept DC Voltage, DC Current, RTD & Potentiometer signals from field devices. The input signal is filtered, amplified (if necessary), isolated, & converted into the required output form (0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, +/-20mA) with minimal internal delay and without loss of accuracy.

Single input & Multiple isolated outputs are also offered to aid the system engineering needs for connecting the same input signal to separate devices such as Process Controller & Recorder without compromising safety and accuracy of measurement. A unique design feature of the modules allows the facility of system expansion using Back-plane connectivity to provide up to 8 nos. of Isolated Outputs for a single input signal.

The 24VDC Power Supply can also be fed from Back-plane to minimize wiring when multiple converters are mounted on DIN rail. This feature is extremely useful as it allows Hot Plug-In/Removal of a single module on the rail, without disturbing the plant operation to facilitate maintenance operation in a running plant in case of fault occurrence.

The SIM μ 3.0 modules are offered in the versatile ME type housings, which are internationally accepted and aesthetically pleasing DIN Rail mounted enclosures. The compact size (Single Output: 22.5mm width & Dual/Triple Output: 45mm width) allows high packing density of signal conditioners in limited panel space. Eco-friendly energy efficient design greatly reduces total power consumption and thus reduces the combined heat generated in the enclosed panel spaces.

The SIM μ 3.0 Analog Signal Conditioning & Isolation Module designs comply with the requirement of CE standards.

Ordering Information

μ3.0 I/P Signal I/P Signal Supply I/P Signal Range O/P Signal Range No. of O/P’s (Extension required only when 2nd & 3rd O/P’s are available)







24VDC : F2D

90-270VAC : FU



0-10V : 10 0-10V :10

4-20mA :42

0-20mA :20

V : 2nd O/P V : 0-10V
0-75mV : 75 2V : 2nd O/P V: 0-10V
3rd O/P V: 0-10V
4-20mA : 42 I : 2nd O/P I: 4-20mA
0-20mA : 20 2I : 2nd O/P I: 4-20mA
3rd O/P I : 4-20mA
0-10K : 10 VI : 2nd O/P V: 0-10V
3rd O/P I: 4-20mA

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  • Wide Range of Input options :
    DC Input : mV, V, mA
    AC Input : 0-500V, 0-1A, 0-5A
    Sensor Conditioning: Thermocouple, RTD Position Feedback: Potentiometer.
  • Output options: 1-5V, +/-5V, +/-10V, 0/4-20mA, +/-20mA. Combination of outputs can be provided as per user requirement in multiple output type modules.
  • Single, Dual & Triple Isolated Outputs available in standard products.
  • Power Supply options :
    Universal Supply : 90-270VAC, 50/60 Hz OR 100-250VDC.
    24VDC Supply : 18-36V DC variation allowed
  • Slim, compact & Aesthetic designs
    Single Input -Output : 22.5 mm Width.
    Dual & Triple Isolated Outputs: 45mm Width.
  • Energy Efficient Modules.
    Power Consumption < 3 Watts in 24VDC operated modules.
  • Fast Response options offered in selected types (Tr<1 mSec)
  • Improved Noise Rejection & long term stability
  • 2 KV – 3 Port Isolation.
  • Operating Temp. Range : -10 to +60 Deg C
  • Design conforms to the requirements of CE standards.


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EMC Standard : As per EN / IEC 61326 (1998)
SAFETY Standard: As per IEC 61010-1

Enclosure Port Power Supply AC/DC Port
Port / Test Description Compliance Standards Port / Test Description Compliance Standards
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) IEC 61000 – 4 – 2 Conducted Emission CISPR 16-1 & 16- 2
Radiated Susceptibility (RS) IEC 61000 – 4 – 3 Conducted Susceptibility IEC 61000 – 4 – 6
Radiated Emission CISPR 16-1 & 16 – 2 Electrical Fast Transients (EFT) IEC 61000 – 4 – 4
Surge IEC 61000 – 4 – 5
1. Power Supply : 24VDC Supply Power Supply Voltage Typical : 24 V DC
Tolerance: 18 –36VDC
Power Supply Current 200 mA (max.) .
Power Consumption (Approx.) 2 Watt (Single Output type)
4 Watt (Dual Output type)
5 Watt (Triple Output type)
Universal Supply Power Supply voltage 90 –270VAC; 50/60Hz OR
Power Consumption(Approx.) 9 VA
2. Input signal DC Current or DC Voltage
0 – 20 mA or 4 – 20 mA or 0…+10V DC
Max. permissible Limit For Current Input : 50 mA
For Voltage Input + 15 V DC
Breakdown Voltage + 50 V
Input Resistance For Current Input 100 Ohms.
For Voltage input 100 K Ohms
3. Output signal DC current or DC voltage 0 – 20 mA or 4 – 20 mA or 0…+10V DC
Single Output : Any one of above
Dual Output : Any two of above
Triple Output : Any two of above
Output limit For Current Output 30 mA
For voltage Output +/-15 V
Max. load resistance For Current Output < 500 Ohms
For Voltage Output > 1K Ohms
Response Time Typically : 1 ms
4. Accuracy data At 25 0 C ambient Temp. +/- 0.1 % of FS
Limits over Temp. +/- 0.3% of FS
Range Drift Temp. + 0.005% / Deg. C
Coefficient Linearity 0.1 % of FS
5. Ambient conditions Climatic rating Design as per : As per IEC 60068 – 2-30
Operating temp. -10 to + 60 Deg C
Storage temp. – 20 to + 85 Deg C
Relative Humidity R.H = 93 + 3 % ,
Design as per Vibration Standard Frequency : 10 – 150 Hz
Displacement : 0.75 mm or
acceleration : 1.5 g,
No. of sweep/axis : 20,
Axis : 3 (x, y & z)
Design as per Shock Standard 40g. 11 ms, half sine pulse & 18 shocks,
3 shock in each sense.
6. Safety Isolation Level Between I/P & O/P
2KV RMS Between I/P, O/P & Supply
7. Installation Data Cooling Forced cooling not required
Material of housing Polyamide PA 6.6
VO (UL 94).
Green Colour
Mechanical Size For Single Input Single Output
W – 22.5 X H – 100 XD- 110 mm
For Single Input Dual/Triple Output
W – 45 X H – 100 XD- 110 mm
Mounting 35 mm DIN Rail Mounted
Mounting position Horizontal OR Vertical.
Connectors Green Colour , 5.08 mm Pitch , 16 A
Connection Screw terminal suitable for 0.2 to 2.5 mm standard wires


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Mechanical Dimensions


Note : For Single I/P & Singl O/P Width – 22.5 mm
For Single I/P & Dual & Triple O/P Width – 45 mm
Mounting : 35 mm DIN Rail Mounting

Terminal No. Terminal Description
For , Single I/P & Single O/P
1 Not Connected
2 Input +
3 Input –
4 Input –
5 Output –
6 Output +
7 DC Supply + (24 V DC)
8 DC Supply M (24 V DC)
For , Single I/P & Dual / Triple O/P
1 Not Connected
2 Input +
3, 4 Input –
5 Output 1 –
6 Output 1 +
7 DC Supply + (24 V DC)
8 DC Supply M (24 V DC)
9 Output 2 –
10 Output 2 +
11 Output 3 +
12 Output 3 –




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Additional information


Flammability Class V-0 (UL 94)

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