Analog 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolators – 24VDC Supply

The input 4-20mA Signal from a transmitter is measured and converted into isolated 4-20mA Output signal which is exact replica of the input signal. The Circuit on the input side draws power from the 4-20mA input being measured and the output circuit draws power from the 4-20mA 2-wire Output connection. Thus no separate external power supply is needed for the unit. Optical Isolation is provided internally to isolate the input and output signals.

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Single Channel I II 42–4W–42-2W–2P 
Dual Channel I II 42–4W–42-2W–2P-22I


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  • Input : 4 – 20mADC (4-Wire) Loop powered input circuit
  • Output : 4 – 20mADC (2 -Wire Loop Powered)
  • 2kV between Input & Output
  • No external Power Supply required
  • Operating Temp. 0-55°C
  • High channel density as 2 channel isolators housed in 22.5mm width


  • The SIM -μ 2.0 Series are designed for applications requiring isolation of 2 Wire 4-20mA signals from PLC/DCS input module.


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Input Input Options: 4 – 20mADC (4-Wire) Loop powered input circuit. Factory Set
Voltage drop across Input 7.5VDC (max)
Input Impedance For Current
For Voltage
100 Ohm
100 kOhm
Output Signal Output Options: 4 – 20mADC (2 -Wire Loop Powered) Factory Set
Loop voltage Drop Across Output 12 VDC (min) — 28VDC (max)
Performance Accuracy ±0.2% of Span
Linearity 0.1%
Calibration Zero & Span (Trimpot )


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Isolation 2KV between Input & Output
Power Supply No External Power Supply required.
Enclosure ABS Plastic, 35 mm DIN Rail Mounted. IP40 Protection class. Single Output W – 22.5mm
H – 75mm
D – 110mm
Termination Screw type terminals suitable for 1.5 mm sq. Wire.
Weight(Approx) 50 Gm.
Operating temp. range 0 – 55°C
Storage temp. range 0 – 80°C
Relative Humidity 0 – 90%
RH Non-Condensing
Max. Altitude 3000 mts above MSL

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Pin Details Pin Details
1 +Input 5 +Output
2 -Input 6 -Output
3 NC 7 NC
4 NC 8 NC

Block Diagram:

Type: I II 42–4W–42-2W–2P

Pin Details Pin Details
1 +Output1 5 +Input1
2 Output2 6 -Input1
3 +Output2 7 +Input2
4 Output2 8 -Input2


Type: I II 42–4W–42-2W–2P-22I


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Additional information

Input Types

DC Current 0-20/4-20 mA

Output Signal

Current 0-20/4-20mA (4 Wire), Current 4-20mA ( 2- Wire)



Isolation Level

2 KV


ABS Plastic

Product Type



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