RTD Temperature Scanner (CANSCAN 2.0 – Graphical OLED)

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CANSCAN 2.0 is Multi Channel Scanner designed to interface with 4/ 8 / 12 Channels of 3-Wire RTD PT-100 inputs as per the user requirement. The input channels are sequentially scanned and displayed on the front panel. Measured values are compared with set points to generate Alarm conditions.

The CANSCAN-2.0 Process Scanners are designed with an advanced 32 bit Micro-controller which brings speed and complex computational capabilities to the instrument system. A HIGH PERFORMANCE A/D CONVERSION circuit is used to achieve measurement resolution of 16 BITS, thus allowing precision measurements of input signals.

Software algorithms are implemented to filter the signal noise and to COMPENSATE FOR THE NON-LINEARITY ARISING DUE TO RTD response characteristics. The instrument has the facility to periodically interrogate the sensor inputs to detect SENSOR FAULT conditions. This is extremely useful in monitoring abnormal conditions such as Wire Break or Burn-Out of RTD’s in a running process.

RTD Sensors are connected in 3-wire mode with in-built Line Resistance Compensation (LRC). This allows interface of RTD Sensors without introducing errors due to the resistance of Cable. Proper choice of cable allows cable length exceeding 100 meters to be used without introducing error in measurement.

2” ULTRAWIDE OLED DISPLAY on the front panel indicate Process value and Channel number during normal operation. LED indications are provided to indicate FAULT status of individual channels.

A user friendly Parameter setting interface is provided with the help of Function Keys on the front panel. Provision is made to Password protect these settings so that unauthorized tampering is prevented.

Fault/Alarm indications are provided on the front panel for each channel status. Relay contact are available for activation of external Hooter, which turns ON in case of a Channel Fault.

Four Relay output contacts are provided for activation of control signals in case of CHANNEL FAULT condition which can be configured as required. Additionally, a CARD HEALTH feedback Relay contact is provided to monitor system status if required by the control system.

RS485 SERIAL INTERFACE is offered (optional) for transferring data to a host device.

Ordering Information

CANSCAN SERIES Input No. of Channels Interface
(7 Segment Display)CANSCAN 2.0
(OLED Display)

RTD – Pt100 : 1

Thermocouple : 2

mV (0-10) : 3

mA (0-20) : 4

RTD – Pt 1000 : 5

mA (4-20) : 6

V(0-10) :7

V(2-10) :8



16 Ch : 0


12 Ch: 1


8 Ch : 2


4 Ch : 3


RS485 ( Isolated) : A


RS232 ( Non-Isolated) : B


RS485 ( MODBUS Isolated) : C


No Field Communication : N


Note :
e.g. 16 Channel RTD – Pt100 with RS485 Interface Model No. : CANSCAN–1.0 –10–A
16 Channel 0-20 mA OLED Display without Serial Interface Model No. : CANSCAN–2.0–40-N

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  • RTD Non- linearity Compensation
  • Line Resistance Compensation
  • Sensor fault/Wire break monitoring
  • 2” Ultra wide graphical OLED Display provides viewing angle > 160°
  • Password protection to safeguard settings
  • Automatic /Manual scan modes.
  • Up to 4 configurable Relay Outputs for Alarms/Faults
  • Card Health Signal Output for System Status Monitoring.
  • User Selections –
    • Input Channels: 4/8/12
    • Range Selection
    • Enable/Disable Channels
  • Energy Efficient Design reduces carbon footprint.
  • RS485 Communication (Isolated port for Multidrop Network Connection)
  • Applications
  • Motor winding Temp. Monitoring
  • Process Control Instrumentation


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Input PT-100 4/8/12 Channels.  RTD -PT100,3Wire
Range -200 to +850 °C
Calibration Software Calibrated (NO field Calibration required.)
Corrections LRC For 3 -Wire PT100 RTD
RTD Nonlinearity Compensated in Software.
Scan Rate 300 msec/Channel
User Interface Keypad System Setting 5 Front Panel keys.
Alarm Function 2 Front Panel keys for ASK & TEST.
Display Graphical OLED Window: 6X4 cm
Color : Yellow/Green
Viewing Angle : >160°
Alarms Four Soft Alarms for Channel Fault (Relay Output)
One Common Output for Hooter Signal (Relay Contact)
Channel-wise Alarm Status Indication
Front Panel Alarm Acknowledge Key
Indications Red LED    : Under Range, Over Range, Hooter, System Fault
Green LED : Auto, Manual, Communication Status
12 LEDs for Alarm Status Indication of each Channel
Performance Resolution 0.1oC
Response Time 300 millisec per Channel.
Accuracy ±0.1 % of FS (i.e ±1oC  of FS)
Linearity 0.05%
Communication Interface RS 485 (Isolated)
Protocol MODBUS – RTU


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