PROFIBUS Based 7 Segment BCD Meter

Canopus Instruments is one of the top manufacturers & suppliers of bcd meter based on profibus and display with profibus in India. The bcd meter based on profibus and display with profibus that Canopus manufactures are of top quality and highest standards. Get in touch with us to know the details of the products.

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The PROFI-BCD System is basically a modular Profibus DP V0 based slave system. This system consists of Profibus slave Communication Module (CM) having up to max. 16 no. of intelligent BCD display Sub Modules (SM). The CM communicates with the SM’s via a local two-wire CAN bus communication. The data received from the Profibus master for each SM is transferred on this local bus (CAN bus) to be displayed on the BCD meter display.

Each BCD meter SM is configured with the help of Profibus master. This system offers the user the flexibility of individually configuring the SM’s as per the application requirement. It also offers the option of choosing different BCD meter sizes in single system to suit the visibility and operator comfort.

BCD Meter is 5 digits with sign (“-” for negative and “ ” blank for positive) display. This module receives data from CM via CAN bus and displays it on 7-Segment displays. The extreme left 7-segment display is used for sign display. The BCD Meter Display has user selectable features like Display range (Unipolar/Bipolar), flashing on range violation, blanking of leading zeroes and Decimal point location selection. These features are user configurable from the PROFIBUS Master.

The CM is works as a postmaster between BCD modules and PROFIBUS master. Communication speeds up to 12Mbps are possible on Profibus, which ensures fast update of information between the PROFIBUS Master and CM. Also the ruggedness of Profibus protocol ensures very high reliability of operation. The Local CAN bus communication is operated at a fixed speed of 1Mbps, thus ensuring fast update of all the displays in the network.

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  • Programmable Display System connected as PROFIBUS-DP slave. (Modular slave configuration).
  • Upto 16 nos. of Display Modules can be connected via local serial interface bus to one PROFIBUS-DP slave module.
  • Fast display update speed due to PROFIBUS Baud rate support upto 12 Mbps and local serial bus at 1 Mbps.
  • 5 Digit+Sign, 7 segment Red LED displays. Display size options – 3/8”, 1”, 2”, & 6”.
  • Remote Parameter setting via serial PROFIBUS communication link.
  • Programmable Decimal Point Selection.
  • Leading Zero Blanking (LZB) option.
  • 2” & 6” size display systems available in Panel mounted IP54 designs for remote installations.


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